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Organization, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness - that's what the digital world is supposed to provide. Lately, though, it seems there's simply too much digital stuff to deal with.

That's where Lincoln's ability to manage all sorts of projects comes into play. We'll tackle your digital files, your multiple made-to-order projects, and your logistical nightmare of how to get what to whom and when. We'll sit down with you and come up with an effective way to manage it all. It's simply a new twist on our old-fashioned project-management prowess.

The WorkSmart Suite: Streamline. Connect. Organize. Publish.

Lincoln Printing offers its customers efficiency and cost-effectiveness through the utilization of the WorkSmart Suite. WorkSmart streamlines processes, keeps you connected with customers, and organizes your valuable marketing assets. WorkSmart can help you reduce costs, boost sales, and get more bang for your marketing bucks.


Streamline is a Web2Print solution that streamlines print purchasing, management, and distribution to increase access, improve control, eliminate waste, and reduce your total cost of ownership, including shipping and storage costs.

Available 24/7 with a single click of your mouse, Streamline allows you to create timely, targeted communications to take immediate advantage of marketing opportunities anytime and anywhere. Everything from business cards and brochures to promotional items and direct-mail campaigns - Steamline can save you time and money by reducing steps.

Streamline integrates with your database and existing business processes to move orders all the way from creation, to proofing, to delivery and tracking. Streamline provides easy access, customization with control, instant on-screen proofing, database integration, mail-list procurement, multi-ship and multi-language capabilities, and variable-data and HTML-product capabilities.

To see firsthand how Streamline can help you lower your cost of ownership and increase profits, visit Create an account and browse to see how you can "Streamline a straight path to value!" Watch for updates on training, pricing, implementations, and migrations.


Get personal with current and potential customers by using your database to establish one-on-one dialogues. You can send targeted, focused messages that prompt people to act, driving sales and promoting customer loyalty.

Connect is a revolution in direct marketing that links personalized print and electronic media to create highly engaging campaigns that connect you with customers. With Connect, you can create personalized direct mail, websites, email, text messages, QR codes, and social media. Connect also provides automatic feedback and analysis of your marketing efforts.

Cut to the chase with Connect.


Think of Organize as your own cyber library, a place to safely keep and easily access all your digital materials - videos, layouts, photo, logos, PowerPoint presentations, signatures, and so on. Powered by a secure, state-of-the-art Level 4 data center, Organize provides the ultimate in security.

Organize is a user-friendly, online solution that gives you countless options for organizing, protecting, and maximizing the value of your digital assets. Organize eliminates the need to go through stacks of CDs and multiple hard drives. Organize is easily searchable and expandable, and it provides instant online access to authorized users.


Although ebooks are all the rage these days, there remains a big demand for materials in print. That's because there's nothing quite like the look and feel of a quality printed publication — and nothing says your message is important more than when it's presented as a well-crafted book.

Now you can present your materials in a colorful, creative, professional way with Publish, powered by Blurb. Publish is the newest technology solution in RR Donnelley's WorkSmart Suite.

RR Donnelley has partnered with Blurb, the leader in high-quality self-publishing solutions, to enable customers to create their own high-end, professionally bound, customized brochures, pitches and presentations, capabilities pieces, portfolios, catalogues, and other collateral.

And perhaps the best part is that you can print as few as one unit at a time quickly and cost-effectively without sacrificing quality. Publish is the on-demand solution for delivering publications and marketing materials that will leave your competition behind.

To get the ball rolling, Publish provides an Adobe InDesign plug-in, which offers templates for four cover formats, five paper types, and eight trim sizes. Once moved to Blurb online, projects can be proofed, undergo automated pre-flight checks, and ordered with a credit card. With Publish powered by Blurb, creative professionals can finish their projects up to 75 percent faster. Support is readily available by email or by chat.

Publish powered by Blurb is available exclusively through RR Donnelley and its member companies.

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